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Milwaukee MA9011 Refilling Electrolyte Solution 3.5M KCl

SKU: 9139-MA9011~ea

SKU: 9139-MA9011~ea

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Milwaukee MA9011 Refilling Electrolyte Solution 3.5M KCl for pH/ORP electrodes

MA9011 is a reagent grade pH and ORP electrode fill solution that contains 3.5M KCl. This fill solution is specifically formulated for double junction electrodes.  It is made using high quality reagent-grade chemicals that are manufactured to the highest standards of precision and accuracy.

Double junction electrodes have two chambers:  the inner chamber has an Ag/AgCl reference wire and a KCl + AgCl fill solution while the outer chamber has a KCl fill solution.  The KCl in the outer chamber is silver-free.  This removes the risk of silver precipitation which can happen easily in the presence of heavy metals and Tris biological buffer. Precipitate can clog the outer reference junction resulting in instability and a slow response time.

Refillable electrodes need to have their electrolyte level checked before use.  If the level is low, refill the electrode to the correct level with the MA9011 solution to ensure correct operation.  Maintaining the electrolyte solution ensures that there is enough head pressure that the reference electrolyte flows into the sample resulting in a faster response.

The solution is sealed against light in an airtight bottle with a tamper-proof cap.  It has an expiration date and lot number for traceability.


  • Electrolyte Solution, 3.5M KCl
  • Certificate of Analysis: No
  • Package: Bottle
  • Size: 230 mL
  • Quantity: 1