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Celsius Glass Mercury Thermometers

SKU: CLT100-01~ea

SKU: CLT100-01~ea

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Celsius Glass Mercury Thermometers - CLT Series
General purpose, glass thermometers filled with mercury. All thermometers are in 
°C, and most come with a NIST Traceable certificate - please see chart below. 
Total immersion and partial immersion options. Available while supplies last.

SKU  Temp Range, Divisions, Type In Stock Certificate Length
CLT100-01 -20°C - 250°C x 1°C - Total Immersion 6 Yes - NIST 305mm


-20°C - 400°C x 2°C - Total Immersion 8 Yes - NIST 305mm
CLT100-03 -20°C - 250°C x 1°C - Total Immersion 8 No 355mm
CLT100-04 -20°C - 360°C x 2°C - Total Immersion 10 Yes - NIST 305mm
CLT200-01 -20°C - 250°C x 1°C - Partial Immersion


Yes - NIST 305mm
CLT200-02 -20°C - 400°C x 2°C - Partial Immersion 5 Yes - NIST 305mm
CLT200-03 -20°C - 250°C x 1°C - Partial Immersion 10 No 355mm
CLT200-04 -20°C - 360°C x 2°C - Partial Immersion 1 Yes - NIST 305mm