BrandTech™ VACUUBRAND™ RZ 2.5 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

SKU: 20698126~ea

BrandTech™ VACUUBRAND™ RZ 2.5 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

SKU: 20698126~ea
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BrandTech™ VACUUBRAND™ RZ 2.5  Two Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

VACUUBRAND® RZ 2.5 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps have been designed from the ground up for the best performance in laboratory applications. For applications requiring a greater vacuum depth than an oil-free diaphragm pump can provide, BrandTech® offers rotary vane pumps. They are extremely low noise and low vibration, even compared to earlier VACUUBRAND® rotary vane models.

Product Features:

  • Rugged
    Exceptional tolerance to water vapor with minimal impact on ultimate vacuum.
  • Energy Efficient
    Low power consumption and low levels of waste heat generation compared to competitive models.
  • Compact
    Take up less space and weigh less than comparable models.
  • Reliability
    All VACUUBRAND® pumps and systems must pass rigorous product testing before leaving the factory. It's your assurance of a reliable pump.


 Technical Data RZ 2.5
Number of Stages


Max. pumping speed at 50/60 Hz


Max. pumping speed at 50/60 Hz


Ultimate partial vacuum (abs.)

4 x 10-4mbar

Ultimate Vacuum (abs.)

2 x 10-3/1.5 x 10-3mbar

Ultimate Vacuum (abs.) with Gas Ballast

1 x 10-2/0.75 x 10-2mbar

Water Vapor Tolerance with Gas Ballast


Ambient Temperature Range (operation)

12 - 40°C

Ambient Temperature Range (storage)

-10 - 60°C

Oil Capacity (B-Oil) min./max.


Max. Back Pressure (abs.)


Inlet Connection

small flange KF DN 16

Outlet Connection

Hose Nozzle DN-10mm

Rated Motor Power


Rated Motor Speed at 50/60 Hz


Protection Class

IP 40

Dimensions (L x W x H)

316 x 125 x 190mm



Noise Level at 50 Hz, typ.


Items Supplied

Pump oil filled and completely mounted, ready for use, w/ manual



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