Brandtech Piccolo™ Bottletop Dispenser

SKU: V1610501~ea
Brandtech Piccolo™ Bottletop Dispenser

Brandtech Piccolo™ Bottletop Dispenser

SKU: V1610501~ea
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Brandtech® Piccolo™ Wiping Seal Bottletop Dispenser

Brandtech® piccolo™ is a compact wiping seal dispenser for dispensing small measured quantities of liquids in all areas of biochemical and medical research. Made from high quality materials, its small size and semi-automatic operation make it a natural for standardized procedures and kits where small volumes of reagents need to be dispensed. The springloaded piston design enables one-handed operation. 

piccolo™ comes in two versions:

  • piccolo™ 1 is a fixed volume instrument
  • piccolo™ 2 model has two preset volumes.

Never use the piccolo™ with aggressive media. The piccolo™ is especially designed for applications in connection with aqueous and highly diluted agents. All piccolo™ instruments are supplied with a GL 28 thread, valve mounting tool, 150 mm filling tube, and operating manual.


 Instrument Type Volume Setting(s)
A* ≤ ±% CV* ≤ % Cat. No.
piccolo™ 1 100 3.0 0.4 V1610501
piccolo™ 1 200 2.5 0.4 V1610502
piccolo™ 1 250 2.0 0.4 V1610503
piccolo™ 1 500 1.5 0.3 V1610504
piccolo™ 1 1000 1.0 0.2 V1610506
piccolo™ 2 100/250 2.0 0.4 V1611503
piccolo™ 2 500/1000 1.0 0.2 V1611506
piccolo™ 2 1000/2000 1.0 0.2 V1611508

Additional Literature:
piccolo Data Sheet
piccolo Manual 

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