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Brandtech Filling Tubes for Seripettor

SKU: 704532~ea

SKU: 704532~ea

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Brandtech Filling Tubes for Seripettor - Polypropylene

Filling tubes for the seripettor® are made of PP, and filling tubes for autoclaving are provided with an additional O-ring. Made for the BrandTech Seripettor and available for sterile and non-sterile applications.

Made for:

  • Seripettor

Available Options:

For Nomical Volume, mL Length Qty Part #
 2, 10, 25 250mm 2 704532
 2, 10, 25 500mm 2 704534
 2, 10, 25 (For sterile applications, with O-ring) 250mm 1 704536
 2, 10, 25 (For sterile applications, with O-ring) 500mm 1 704538