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BrandTech® Filling and Titrating Tubes for Titrette®

SKU: 708218~ea

SKU: 708218~ea

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BrandTech Filling and Titraing Tubes for Titrette®

Filling tubes, titrating tubes and filling valves are available as replacement parts for the Titrette®.

    Titrating tubes and Filling valve for Titrette®

     Description For Nominal Volume, mL Serial Number Ranger Cat. No. 
    Filling Tube 10, 25, 50 mL (Standard) ALL 708218
    Filling Tube 10, 25, 50 mL ALL 708220
    Titrating Tube 10mL ALL 707525
    Titrating Tube 25 and 50mL up to S/N 12J* 707526
    Titrating Tube 25 and 50 mL from S/N 01K* 707529
    Filling Valve 10, 25, 50mL ALL 6636

    *Note that for the 25 and 50 mL Titrette®, the assembly of the Titrating tube to the valve block was changed as of January 2012. When ordering replacement Titrating tubes for these instruments, the serial number of the instrument must be taken into account:

    • For Serial numbers beginning with 01-12:
      • Letters A-J = Titrating tube Cat. no. 707526
      • Letters K onwards = Titrating tube Cat. no. 707529
    • For Serial numbers beginning with ’13’ or higher = Titrating tube Cat. no. 707529