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A&D SB-15K10 - 15kg Legal for Trade Bench Scale Base

SKU: SB-15K10~ea

SKU: SB-15K10~ea

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A&D SB-15K10 - 15kg / 30 lb Washdown + Legal for Trade Bench Scale Base - No Indicator

A&D SB-15K10 Series Load Cell Bases are water and dust proof (IP-65/NEMA4) for sanitary, clean, safe use in the toughest industrial environments. Use as a secondary base with lower-capacity counting scales such as the FCi Series to increase the weighing capacity. Or, connect to an A&D indicator to fit your application.


Capacity 30lb / 15Kg
Platform Size 9.8 x 9.8in
Dust & Waterproof Rating IP65/NEMA4
Legal for Trade Measurement Canada Approved: AM-5473
NTEP: #02-079
Warranty 2 Years

Additional Literature:
SB Series Literature
Measurement Canada Approval AM-5473