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A&D MC-10KS - 10.1kg x 0.001g Mass Comparator

SKU: MC-10KS~ea

SKU: MC-10KS~ea

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A&D MC-10KS - 10.1kg x 0.001g Mass Comparator

Equipped with an internal mass for simplified calibration of the balance. Enhanced function settings reduce errors due to drafts and vibrations. A&D MC-10KS may also be used as a high-resolution balances. Display weighing results with an extra decimal place not normally found in balances of this capacity. The extended resolution enables measurements of minute weight changes of heavy objects and small variations in heavy tare containers.


Capacity 10kg
Readability 0.001g
Repeatability 0.005g / 10kg to 5kg
Linearity ±0.03g
Calibration Internal
Stabilization Time 3s
Weighing Pan Dimensions 270 x 210mm
Product Dimensions 300 x 355 x 111mm / 11.8 x 14 x 4.4in
Warranty 5 Years

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