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A&D Weighing AD-4410 Weighing Indicator

SKU: AD-4410~ea

SKU: AD-4410~ea

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Powerful vibration-cancelling function (High Performance Digital Filter)
High speed sampling (100 times/second)/high accuracy
Circuits equipped with powerful noise reduction
Accurate linear correction function using high-order equations
Average holding function
Comes equipped with Modbus-RTU
Powerful Vibration Cancelling Feature
The High-Performance Digital Filter provides high accuracy/high speed weighing in environments with vibration problems.
The AD-4410 greatly reduces the costs and maintenance required for anti-vibration equipment since it copes with vibrations without requiring many mechanical measures. What's more, conducting weighing while applying vibrations, once an extremely difficult task, is now possible. The High-Performance Digital Filter only requires one setting. For this reason, optimal settings for vibration cancelling can be found after just a few tries. Can be Calibrated in an Environment with Vibrations
Until now, to conduct calibration, sources of vibration had to be completely stopped, or calibration had to be conducted on weekends or holidays when machines are not active. However, even in an environment with vibrations, the AD-4410 can be calibrated at any point, so costs incurred from stopping production or calibrating on weekends or holidays will disappear.

Download(s) Available: AD-4410 Datasheet
Download(s) Available: AD-4410 Manual