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A&D Weighing AD-4402 Batch Weighing Indicator

SKU: AD-4402~ea

SKU: AD-4402~ea

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100 times/sec. High speed sampling.
High display resolution to 16,000 counts.
Up to 1 million counts of A/D resolution.
Large and easy to see blue Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD).
Uses a ten - key pad and function button that are designed for ease of operation and understanding.
The main display has a 7 - digit VFD with 18mm tall characters.
The sub display has a total of 54 5mm - tall dot matrix characters and displays the values and error comments.
Pre-programmed with multiple sequences and functions for filling machines, simple mixing machines
and a weight-checker and other applications.
Stores 100 data for raw materials and 100 data for mixing codes.
RS-485 Serial Output (Current Loop) standard feature allows you to link up to 32 units to the display.
The Monitor Function shows each operating interface and provides a confirmation on the display.
The compact body meets DIN requirements, while minimizing the depth of the indicator to135mm.
With the proper optional interface, the AD-4402 is compatible with CC-Link, Device Net, PROFIBUS.
Standard Modbus function available.

Download(s) Available: AD-4402 Literature
Download(s) Available: AD-4402 Manual