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A&D Weighing AD-4329A Digital Weighing Indicator

SKU: AD-4329A~ea

SKU: AD-4329A~ea

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A&D Weighing AD-4329A Digital Weighing Indicator - Legal For Trade Canada

AD-4329A multi-functional weight indicator is ideal for use in warehouses, production lines, shipping and receiving departments and for filling, batching and checkweighing applications. Features vacuum fluorescent display, Comparator output to optional relays, and accumulative data memory. Includes Set-point comparison for batching applications (Near Zero/Prelim/Target/Free Fall)

Selectable weighing ranges (up to triple ranges) and standard RS-232C communication make AD-4329A versatile in many applications. Powers up to 8 units of load cells at 350Ω. 

  • Triple weight range to select the right weighing range for your application
  • 4-point digital linearization
  • 1/20,000 displayed count resolution
  • Can be controlled via external input


Load cell excitation

5V DC ±5%, 120mA

Input Sensitivity

0.15µV/d (min.)

Input Signal Range

-35mV to +35mV

Load Cell Drive Capacity

Up to 8 units of load cells at 350Ω Up to 16 units of load cells at 800Ω (LCC07/LCC11/LCC12)

Zero Temperature coefficient

±0.02µV/ºC typ. ±0.1µV/ºC max.

Span Temperature coefficient

±3ppm/ºC typ. ±15ppm/ºC max


0.005% of full scale

Input Impedance

10MΩ or more

Maximum Input noise

Less than 0.15µVp-p

A/D Conversion Method

Delta-sigma modulation

A/D Internal Resolution

16,000,000 counts

A/D Conversion Rate

approximately 10 times/second

Weight Display

Vacuum Fluorescent Display, 7-digit, 7-segment, 13mm (character height)

Maximum Display Resolution

20,000 counts (max)

Standard Serial Interface

RS-232C interface 20mA current loop


Stable, Zero Point, Gross, Net, Tare, Accumulation, kg/t or lb




100 to 240V AC (Please request preferred voltage rating at time of order), 45 to 65Hz, 30VA

Operating temperature range

—5ºC to 40ºC (23ºF to 104ºF)

Storage temperature range

—10ºC to 70ºC (14ºF to 158ºF)


Approximately 1.8kg / 4.0lb


192(W) x 96(H) x 165(D) mm (compliance with DIN)
Warranty 2 Years
Certifications NTEP CofC# 03-046
Canada AM-5514

Additional Literature:
AD-4329 Datasheet
AD-4329 Manual
AD-4329 BCD Output Manual
AD-4329 RS-422/485 Interface Manual
AD-4329 Analog Output Manual


Product # Description
TB:662 AC adapter (120Vac)- spare / replacement. Unit ships with an AC adapter
AD4329A-01 BCD output (open collector)
AD4329A-02 Comparator output (relay output)
AD4329A-03 RS-422/485
AD4329A-07 Analog output (4-20mA)