Static Eliminator for Balances

SKU: AD-1683~ea
Static Eliminator for Balances

Static Eliminator for Balances

SKU: AD-1683~ea
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Elimination Range: Distance:Approz. 10 cm to 30 cm from the electode.
Area: 30x30 cm from the electode.
Elimination Performance:
When Charged 5kV:
Distance: 10cm 20cm 30cm 50cm
Elimination Time: 1 sec 4 sec 15 sec 70 sec
Ambient Temperature and Humidity Ozone Concentration: 0°C to 40°C, 80% RH or less
Positive discharge pin: 0.07PPM
Negative discharge pin: 0.25PPM
(Measured at a distance of 1cm from each discharge pin.)
Power Supply: AC adapter. Please confirm that the AC adapter type is correct for your local voltage and receptacle type.
Power Consumption: Approx. 1.5 VA
Discharge Electrode Pin: Tungsten (0.9 x 17mm), Life Approx. 10000hrs
Mass: Approx. 300g (including the stand)
Units: 1 Static Eliminator

Easily remove static from you high precision weighing applications with the AD-1683 static eliminator.

- Can be easily and safely installed because they require no high-voltage wiring.
- Static eliminator generates ions and can be used for elimination of static charges
- Little or no reverse charge is induced by irradiated ions because of its excellent ion polarity balance

AD-1683 Manual
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