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Hygiena PRO-Clean Protein Residue Test

SKU: PRO-100~cs

SKU: PRO-100~cs

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PRO-Clean is the easiest and most accurate way to verify the cleanliness of food equipment surfaces. Simply swab a surface and release the reagent.

If protein residue is present, the reagent will turn purple - the more contamination, the quicker the color changes and the darker it becomes. PRO-Clean instantly validates surface hygiene, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken when necessary.

  • Results in 1-10 minutes depending on sensitivity required - Instant results allow for immediate corrective action
  • All-in-one cost effective device- no instrumentation required
  • Quick and easy way to monitor HACCP/SSOP program
  • Easy-to-interpret color change - No training required


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1 minute 80 µg
5 minutes 50 µg
10 minutes 20 µg 


  • Patented Snap-Valve™ technology - snap & squeeze with pre-moistened swab bud
  • Write-on swab tube label
  • Shelf life:
    • 18 months at room or refrigerated temperatures (2 - 25°C).

Why test for protein residue? Protein is more difficult to remove from surfaces than glucose or other residues, so it's a good indicator for surface contamination. If you need to verify protein removal quickly, PRO-Clean is reliable and accurate.

Literature Available:
PRO-Clean Datasheet
PRO-Clean Manual
PRO-Clean Safety Data Sheet