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AQ-100FX AquaSnap Free - Free ATP (Non-cell bound ATP)


AQ-100FX AquaSnap Free -  Free ATP (Non-cell bound ATP)
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Aquasnap is a user-friendly, self-contained ATP water sampling device used with the Hygiena SystemSURE Plus . EnSURE or Pi luminometers. This pen-sized sample collection device is easy to use, and collects 100 µl of water in the honeycomb-shaped dipper. Aquasnap uses a liquid-stable reagent in place of the freeze-dried enzymes giving it superior reproducibility and sensitivity. Available for free or total ATP, see below for ordering instructions.

Simple, quick and easy to use
Snap-Valve™ technology - snap & squeeze
Honeycomb-shaped collection tip (100 µl)
Self-contained, liquid-stable reagent
Write-on swab label
Bottle of ATP extractant
100 tests per case
Unprecedented accuracy and reproducibility
Tolerant to temperature abuse
Collects 100 µl of sample - no pipetting
Results in seconds
Costs up to 50% less than competitors' ATP water tests
No reagent wastage
Consistent, reliable results
Shelf Life: up to 12 month at refrigerated temperatures (2-8ºC) or 4 weeks room temperature (21-25ºC)
Part Numbers for Ordering:

ATP150 - Total ATP (Cell bound & non-cell bound ATP)
ATP151 - Free ATP (Non-cell bound ATP)

Download(s) Available: AQ-100FX Datasheet
Download(s) Available: AQ-100FX Manual
Download(s) Available: AQ-100FX Safety Data Sheet