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ASBC High Precision Top Reading Glass Hydrometer

SKU: R165030~ea

SKU: R165030~ea

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ASBC High Precision Top Reading Glass Hydrometer - Large Laboratory Type

Glass Plato scale hydrometer made from durable Pyrex® brand glass.These hydrometers are guaranteed to be accurate, with a maximum error not exceeding one smallest division of the hydrometer scale or one-half smallest division of the thermometer scale. Hydrometers are supplied combined form with thermometer in body. Temperature of standardization 20°C. Thermometer scale range 0 to 30°C., with temperature correction scale

Readings are made on hydrometers at the top of the meniscus when overflowing in a clean glass cylinder. They check laboratory determinations made with the Boot or Reischauer pycnometer. All instruments and cylinders must be kept clean. We have found chromic-sulfuric acid (Cleaning Solution) most satisfactory for this purpose. 

Directions for using these hydrometers are given in Methods of Analysis of the American Society of Brewing Chemists. 

  • Liquid Test: Beer / Wort

  • Sample Required: 240ml

  • Divisions % Plato: 0.1

  • Temperature Standard: 20°C

  • Thermometer Range: 0-30°C

  • Length: 330mm (13")

  • Outside Diameter: 25mm