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Onyx Stainless Steel Airtight Container

SKU: FS009~ea

SKU: FS009~ea


Onyx Stainless Steel Airtight Container

High quality Stainless Steel Airtight Container. Durable and provides excellent storage capacity.  The bottom is made from 304 grade (18/8) food grade stainless steel while the lid is made from 316 grade (18/10) food grade stainless steel and fitted with a silicone seal. Ideal for curing, storing bulky food, flour, dry chemicals, oil, and more. 

Can be written on with a non-permanent marker. This helps to specify the contents, date, and owner. The bottom part of the container can be washed in the dishwasher, but the lid is not dishwasher or oven safe.

Available in two sizes:

  • 21 L - 13in Container
    • Diameter: 13in / 33cm
    • Height:  10.5in / 26.7cm
    • Capacity: 676.28 oz / 5.28 gal / 21L
  • 6L - 10.25in Container
    • Diameter: 10.25in / 26cm
    • Height:  6.25in / 15.8cm
    • Capacity: 203 oz / 1.59 gal / 6L