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Triple Beam Balance (TBB 2610T) Adam Equipment | Cambridge Environmental

SKU: TBB 2610T~ea

SKU: TBB 2610T~ea

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Perfect for classroom use, this sturdy triple beam balance is designed to hold up to daily student use. With a security slot for optional Kensington type lock and cable, magnetic damping that slows the pointer for quick and easy readings makes this triple beam balance perfect for educational settings. Easy to clean, zero adjustment, with it's own storage space for weights allows for a low maintenance addition to the classroom.

Capacity: 2610g x 0.1g

  • Notched, tiered, graduated beams ensure positive positioning and accurate readings
  • Integrated rulers in centimeters and inches
  • Optional hook enables below-balance weighing
  • With tripod legs
  • 5 Year Warranty
General Specifications:
  • Weighing Units: g
  • Display: graduated beam with 7mm-high digits
  • Calibration: external calibration
  • Housing: Die-cast aluminum
  • Weighing
  • Classrooms and teaching


Adam Equipment TBB series Manual Multi-Lingual