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A&D AD-8127 Compact Printer | Cambridge Environmental


A&D AD-8127 Compact Printer  | Cambridge Environmental
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The AD-8127 is a multi-functional compact printer that can be connected to A&D’s balances (except the compact balances), moisture analyzers, viscometers, and rheometers. With the AD-8127, handwritten recording is no longer necessary anymore.

Easy setup and operation with a numeric keypad and LCD display
Built-in calendar and clock for printing dates and times
Send re-zero and weighing data request commands to the balance/scale
Clear and visible dot matrix printing, which also enables long-term storage of printed records
Compact and lightweight for portability and installation anywhere
Interval printing mode for printing weighing data at set intervals
Chart printing mode for printing time-series variations of weighing data
Dump printing mode for receiving and printing GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output from the balance/scale
Perform statistical calculations including standard deviation and prints the results
Print an ID number set for the printer at any time
Dust-free paper (AX-PP173-S) available for use in clean rooms
Two types of RS-232C cables (D-Sub 25P and D-Sub 9P) provided as standard to connect to balances/scales with different interfaces*
Receive print, paper feed, print statistical calculation results, print total, re-zero, or weighing data request commands from the optional foot switch 

* The cables can be changed to either a DIN or current loop cable at time of order.


A&D AD-8127 Specification Sheet 
A&D AD-8127 Operating Manual