Stands and Power Chargers for BrandTech Pipettes

SKU: 704807~ea

Stands and Power Chargers for BrandTech Pipettes

SKU: 704807~ea
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Stands and Power Chargers for BrandTech® Pipettes / HandyStep® touch / Transferpette® Electronic / Transferpettor

A variety of spare parts and accessories are available for your BRAND pipette. To keep your pipettes organized, choose from the Carousel Rack that holds up to 6 single channel or 3 multichannel Transferpette® S pipettes, shelf mounts or stands. Also available are spare AC adapters or charging stands, and replacement batteries for your electronic pipettes.

Pipette stands and Charging stands

 Description Cat. No.
Benchtop Rack for NEW! Transferpette® S, holds 6 SC or MC pipettes 704807
Support stand for HandyStep® touch/touch S 705230
Transferpettor™ Station: holds 2 pipettes, tips and seals 702890
Inductive charging stand for HandyStep® touch/touch S 705220  
Charging stand for Transferpette® electronic, holds 3 SC pipettes up to 1000µL, 110V 705392

Batteries / AC Adapters / Charging Cables

 Description Cat. No
Batteries For the HandyStep® touch/touch S, Li-Ion 705225
Batteries For the Transferpette® electronic, SC and MC, NiMh     705500
AC Adapter  For HandyStep® touch/touch S, universal 705250
AC Adapter For Transferpette® electronic, SC and MC, 110V 705352
USB cable for HandyStep® touch/touch S, angled  705240  



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