MTC Bio Specialty Pipette Tips

SKU: P4300-RK~ea

MTC Bio Specialty Pipette Tips

SKU: P4300-RK~ea
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MTC Bio Specialty Pipette Tips

300µL Tips

These tips are designed to fit MTC’s exclusive 300µL single channel ProPette™ LE as well as most popular multi-channel pipettes.  Many researchers have recognized the need for an accurate pipette for volumes above 200µL, which is a range that is not well served by traditional 1mL pipettes. The unique 300µL ProPette™ LE and pipette tips close the gap and permit accurate and convenient pipetting, especially in the 200-300µL range. These tips also fit most popular 300µL multi-channel pipettes and are supplied pre-sterilized in 96 position racks, filtered or non-filtered.

  • For 300µL pipettes
  • Also fits most 200µL pipettes
  • Filtered or non-filtered
  • Pre-sterilized
  • Autoclavable box-rack

P4300 Series Pipette Tips

– Non-filtered and filtered versions fit all 200µL pipettes that use standard tips. This includes        Gilson, Eppendorf, ProPette™LE, HALO™ and countless others.
– The non-filter tips will also fit many 100µL pipettes.
– Although they are “universal”, they are designed to fit MTC’s pipettes as listed below:

Halo™: H6800-20*, H6800-50*, H6800-100*, H6800-200*
ProPette™ LE: P5200-200U & P5200-300U
ProPette™ Multi-channel: P5208-20U, P5208-50U, P5208-200U,
P5208-300U, P5212-20U, P5212-50U, P5212-200U, P5212-300U
An asterisk * indicates pipette models that are only compatible with the non-filter tips.

5 and 10mL Halo™ Tips & MacroTips

MTC’s Halo™ pipette tips are designed to fit the lightest pipettes on the market; MTC Bio’s exclusive Halo™ single channel pipettes.

MTC Bio’s Macro 5 and 10mL tips are specially designed for an ideal and comfortable fit on our Macro size pipettes. Supplied in bags, these tips are made of ultra-clear polypropylene and are guaranteed to create the most ideal seal on ProPette™ Pipettors.



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