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Stainless Steel Spatula with Hardwood Handle

SKU: SSS-04~ea

SKU: SSS-04~ea

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Stainless Steel Spatula with Hardwood Handle
Sturdy stainless steel spatula, ideal for handling, transferring, blending, or collecting chemical and biological samples. Spatulas taper from the handle to the tip to give a precise degree of flexibility. The shaped handles are made of hard wood and are securely fastened by brass compression rivets.
 Spatula Number Blade Length Blade Width
04 102mm (4") 15mm (19/32")
05 127mm (5") 21mm (13/16")
06 153mm (6") 23mm (7/8")
08  204mm (8") 29mm (1-1/8")
10 254mm (10") 37mm (1-7/16")