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Autoclave Sterilized Indicator Label Tape

SKU: ACTAPE-12500~ea

SKU: ACTAPE-12500~ea

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Autoclave "Sterilized" Indicator Label Tape

"Sterilized" indicator tape for use in autoclaves. "Sterilized" appears on the tape after being subjected to temperatures of 250°F or more. Crepe tape displays a dark colored diagonal after being autoclaved at 250°F (121°C) for 15 minutes. Adhesive backing sticks to glass, cloth or metal. Tape peels from surfaces easily and leaves no residue.

Ideal for use with steam autoclaves. Write on tape with pen, pencil or felt marker. Can be used to seal and identify almost all laboratory materials before and after autoclaving.

  • Dimensions(WxL): 12.7 x 12500mm (1/2 x 500")
  • 1 Roll