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Graduated Polymethylpentene Cylinder

SKU: CYTPX-10~ea

SKU: CYTPX-10~ea

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Graduated Polymethylpentene Cylinder
Autoclavable, shatter and chemical resistant graduated cylinder made from polymethylpentene, offering glass-like clarity. Hexagonal base adds stability, with molded graduations for easy readings. Meets accuracy requirements of Class B under DIN 1261.
Capacity  Dimensions (OD x H) 
10ml 14 x 140mm 
25ml 20 x 170mm
50ml 26 x 200mm
100ml 31 x 250mm 
250ml 42 x 315mm 
500ml 55 x 360mm 
1000ml / 1L 66 x 440mm 
2000ml / 2L 83 x 535mm
4000ml / 4L may vary