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Heratherm™ High Capacity Advanced Protocol Mechanical Convention Oven - 14 cu. Ft / 396L

SKU: OMH400~ea

SKU: OMH400~ea

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Heratherm™ High Capacity Advanced Protocol Mechanical Convention Oven - 50°C- 250°C - 14 cu. Ft / 396L

Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol with mechanical convention allow for faster drying and better temperature stability and uniformity. This creates greater accuracy, efficiency, and dependability. These models offer improved temperature uniformity that ranges from ± 2.1 to 3.1°K. They also operate at temperatures that reach 250°C, and it's simple calibration routine ensures optimal temperature over time.

Features and Benefits
  • Mechanical convection technology ensures optimal temperature distribution, and fast heat-up and drying processes.
  • 2-speed fan for application flexibility:
    • Slow speed for applications that require minimal airflow (e.g. drying of powders)
    • High speed for fastest drying and heating, and best temperature stability and uniformity
  • Access port for introduction of external sensors for independent data monitoring, or other devices for specific test set-ups
  • Sophisticated timer extends the automation options available to the user
  • Choose between a simple on/off timer, recurring weekly timer or set oven activity based on the 24 hour clock
  • Inner chamber made from stainless steel (highly resistant quality AISI 304)

    Max Temperature

    250°C (482°F)


    14 cu ft (396 L)

    Outside Dimensions

    30.6 x 60.8 x 30.3" (77.8 x 154.5 x 77 cm)

    Chamber Dimensions 

    21.4 x 52.6 x 21.5" (54.4 x 133.5 x 54.5 cm)


    208-240V / 13.5A / 3240W

    Spatial Temperature
    Deviation at 150 °C

    ± 2.1 °C

    Temperature Deviation
    Over Time at 150 °C

    ± 0.3 °C


    6 sq. ft. / 0.56 sq. m

    Controller Type

    Microprocessor control with vacuum fluorescent display


    ON / OFF

    Max. Shelf Load

    88 lbs

    Number of Shelves

    2 Supplied, 39 Max.


    2 Year Manufacturer warranty

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