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3500 Hemocytometer - Includes 2 coverslips

This durable, one-piece hemocytometer is particularly useful to accurately count yeast cells. Double rulings are clearly visible through a broad range of illumination. Neubauer rulings are 0.1mm below the cover glass. The H-shaped moat offers two counting fields.  A "V" slash on the loading side of each field cuts down the risk of overflow into the moat.  Fused rhodium on the glass contributes distinct lines.

  • High light transmission
  • Brightly illuminated line
  • Two special counting chamber cover glasses
  • Light transmission between 29% and 32%

Why count the yeast cells?

Counting cells is done to determine the cell concentration in your liquid.  Fluctuations in the pitching rate can greatly change your beer’s character. Assessing cell counts and activity on a regular basis takes only a few minutes and you will be rewarded with consistent fermentation.

Let’s say you want to make a 5-gallon (18.9 L) batch of beer with an original gravity of 1.048 (12°). You will need to determine the amount of yeast needed to get a healthy fermentation.  This can be calculated by different yeast calculators.  The right amount of yeast would be 170E9 cells for this example. Let’s assume that you don’t have the right amount of yeast available and that you need to propagate the yeast with the starter(s). You can harvest yeast from a previous batch to ferment another batch. Now, the questions are, how can you know that you have the exact number of yeast cells after the propagation step(s), or how much of the yeast cake do you need to harvest to get the right amount of yeast cells? These questions can be answered with a cell count.

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