A&D Weighing AD-4407A Digital Weighing Indicator

SKU: AD-4407A~ea
A&D Weighing AD-4407A Digital Weighing Indicator

A&D Weighing AD-4407A Digital Weighing Indicator

SKU: AD-4407A~ea
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A&D Weighing AD-4407A Digital Weighing Indicator - Legal For Trade Canada (AM-5661)

AD-4407A digital weighing indicator features Universal Flexi Coms, allowing you to customize the protocol of the printing format, as well as outputting the data via RS-232C. Simplify batch weighing with automatic batching and customer programming capability.

Stainless steel enclosure meets IP65 dust and waterproof standards. 10 keys for easy operation. Multi-interval - 2 weighing ranges selectable. When using the accumulation function, accumulation data is stored into memory automatically or manually. Bright green VFD 20mm display.

  • Comparator Function Upper/Lower, HiHi/Hi/OK/Lo/Lolo & comparison with output to optional relays


Input Sensitivity 0.15µV/d
Input Signal Range —35mV to +35mV
Load Cell Excitation DC 5V±5% 120mA, remote sensing (Up to 8 load cells at 350Ω/load cell)
Zero Temperature Coefficient ±0.02µV/ºC typ. ±0.1µV/ºC max.
Span Temperature Coefficient ±3ppm/ºC typ. ±15ppm/ºC max.
Non-Linearity 0.005% of full scale
Input Noise 0.15µVp-p typ.
Input Impedance 10MΩ or more
A/D Conversion Method Delta Sigma
A/D Resolution 16,000,000 counts
Maximum Display Resolution 20,000 (permissible 40,000)
A/D Conversion Rate 10 times/sec.
Main Display 7-segment, 20mm(H) VFD
Power AC 100/120/200/230V —15~+10% (50/60Hz)
Consumption 20VA
Operating Temperature —10 to +40ºC (14ºF to 104ºF)
Operating Humidity Less than 85% RH (non-condensing)
Physical Dimensions 199(W) ✕ 206(H) ✕ 80(D) mm 7.83(W) ✕ 8.11(H) ✕ 3.15(D) inches
Net Weight Approximately 2700g / 5.95 lb
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Certifications NTEP CofC #04-034
Canada AM-5661

Additional Literature:
AD-4407A Brochure
AD-4407A Manual


Product # Description
AD-4407-03 RS-422/485/Relays (replaces standard RS-232C)
AD-4407-05 RS-232C with relays (replaces standard RS-232C)
AD-4407-07 Analog Output (4-20mA) (replaces standard RS-232C)

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