B.O.D. Thermoelectric Cooled Incubators


B.O.D. Thermoelectric Cooled Incubators

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B.O.D. Thermoelectric Cooled Incubator

B.O.D. Thermoelectric cooled incubator. Innovative Peltier cooling technology eliminates the need for a refrigeration compressor. SRIP series use over 70% less power than alternative models and reduce room air conditioning loads by 75%. Includes strong shelves, which eliminates sagging. Large SRI20P incubator is optimized for high-volume sample and drying applications.

SRIP Incubators meet APHA specifications for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.) and include a mechanical convection system to ensure even air distribution, digital temperature set controller, over-temperature limit control, door ajar alarm, and a digital temperature display. 

A one amp interior outlet allows use of shakers, stirrers, roller bottles or other apparatus. Units are supplied with adjustable leveling feet. Low Temperature Incubators are ideal for testing of sewage and wastewater, as well as other low and room temperature applications.


  • Microprocessor Control System
  • P.I.D. Temperature Control
  • LED Display of Set point and Chamber Temperature
  • Interior Electrical Outlet
  • Fan Assisted/Forced-Air Circulation
Model Capacity Interior Dims Exterior Dims Shelves
SRI3P 3.5 cu.ft.
99 L
18.9” x 16.9” x 26.4”
480 x 429 x 670 mm
24.1” x 21.3” x 33.8”
612 x 541 x 859 mm
2 standard, 3 max
SRI6P 6.5 cu.ft.
185.5 L
25.5” x 24.0” x 18.5”
648 x 610 x 470 mm
30.0” x 31.5” x 33.5”
762 x 800 x 851 mm
2 standard, 3 max
SRI20P 19.3 cu.ft.
546.6 L
25.5” x 24.0” x 54.5”
648 x 610 x 1384 mm
30.0” x 31.5” x 69.5”
762 x 800 x 1766 mm
5 standard, 10 max

Interior Metal Aluminum
Exterior Metal

Painted Cold Roll Steel

Temperature Range 15°C to 40°C at 25°C Ambient
Temp Recovery After
Door Opening
3 Minutes to 20°C
Warranty 2 Year Warranty

Additional Literature:
SRI Data Sheet
SRI Manual

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