Low Temperature Incubator

SKU: SRI3~ea

Low Temperature Incubator

SKU: SRI3~ea
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2.4 Cu. Ft. Refrigerated B.O.D. Incubator 

Refrigerated Incubators (often called B.O.D. Incubators or Low Temperature Incubators) are commonly used for applications such as B.O.D. Determinations, Plant and Insect Studies, Fermentation Studies, and Bacterial Culturing. Ideal for small volume workloads and meets APHA specifications for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.) analysis.

Equipped with a hermetically-sealed compressor, a circuit breaker to protect from electrical overload, and an easy-to-clean, fully insulated chamber. Gentle, continuous forced-air circulation ensures temperature uniformity and reproducible test conditions. Features an independent over temperature safety controller, adjustable shelves in two inch increments, and a one amp interior outlet to allow the use of shakers, stirrers, roller bottles or other apparatus. 

Low Temperature Incubators are ideal for testing B.O.D. of sewage and waste water, as well as other low and room temperature applications. Features include:

  • Microprocessor Control with P.I.D. Temperature Controller for precise temperature
  • Door Ajar Alarm
  • LED Display of Setpoint and Chamber Temperature
  • Independent Over Temperature Thermostat
  • Interior Electrical Outlet
  • Fan Assisted/Forced-Air Circulation


Volume 2.39 cu.ft. (67.6 L)
Exterior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
24 × 21 × 33.8
(610 mm × 534 mm × 858 mm)
Interior Dimensions
(W x D x H)
16 × 14 × 22.5
(407 mm × 356 mm × 572 mm)
Shelf Dimensions  (W × D) 16 × 10.5 (407 mm × 267 mm)
Shelving 2 Shelves standard, 2 Max
Unit Weight 93 lbs (43 kg)
Operating Temperature
 0C - 45°C

Temperature Uniformity
- Midrange

0.5 °C
Temperature Stability
- Midrange
0.2 °C
Controller Type Digital
Display Resolution 0.1 °C
Power Voltage, Frequency
and Current
110-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5.0 Amps
Warranty 2 Years

Additional Literature:

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SRI Series Manual


Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.) incubators enable end users to determine levels of organic matter and nitrogen in wastewater samples. This wastewater must be effectively measured for contaminates, treated and then released back into the environment without posing a threat to the water supply system. Increased enforcement by government regulatory agencies charged with monitoring air and water quality has forced a greater number of organizations to actively test and treat their wastewater. B.O.D. incubators facilitate the storage of wastewater samples, and the SHEL LAB Low Temperature Incubators accommodate from 62 to 345 BOD bottles.

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