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802 Heating Magnetic Stirrer / Stir Plate

SKU: 802~ea

SKU: 802~ea


802 Heating Magnetic Stirrer/Mixer

The 802 Heating Magnetic Stirrer/Mixer is designed to perform safe and reliable heated stirring with easy-to-use functions and features. Suitable for small volume sample (up to 1000ml) solution's heated stirring. The overheating protection makes sure the stirrer stops heating when the surface temperature exceeds 150°C(302°F). The ceramic heating unit heats the surface to 120°C(248°F) within 5 minutes. Good insulation and long service life. It adopts the heat-resistant housing, which is made with mirror-style stainless steel, making it highly resistant to pollution and chemical erosion. The powerful heat-resistant magnetic steel prevents stir bars from bouncing and even enables low viscosity solutions' stirring.      

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