VEIT Electronics 50kg x 1.0g - Precision Hanging Scale

SKU: BAT 1~ea

VEIT Electronics 50kg x 1.0g - Precision Hanging Scale

SKU: BAT 1~ea
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VEIT Electronics BAT 1 -  50kg x 1.0 g (100lbs x 0.001lbs) Precision Hanging Scale

Veit Electronics BAT 1 high precision hanging scales are ideal for a variety of underhook weighing applications such as mining applications and poultry production. Variety of hooks available  for different weighing applications  

Large graphical display with audio cues for new samples. Instant access to statistical data on the display, or downloaded to a PC via USB. Collect and sort data from different locations, you can compile data from multiple BAT 1 units. Includes internal clock for time and date of each sample. Ability to print results directly to a printer via RS-232 connection  

Long battery life offers 27 hours of use per charge. Lithium-Ion battery can be charged by any regular plug or car adapter that comes standard with the unit (3 hour charge time for 100% battery life). A standard cell phone battery bank can also extend the life of the scale to multiple days of use 


Maximum weight

50 kg / 100 lb ( BAT1 50 kg)


1 g (0.001 lb)

Memory capacity

11 700 birds in 199 groups

Battery life

up to 27 hours

PC connection


Printer connection

RS-232 serial port


Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 compatible with older BAT1 scales

Warranty 1 Year


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