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47mm Diameter, Fast Flow Rate, 1.6 µm, Glass Microfiber Binder Free Paper, 100 Circles

SKU: 1820-047~pk

SKU: 1820-047~pk

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Size: 47mm
Grade: GF/A
Particle Retention: 1.6µm
Flow Rate: Fast
Filtration speed herzberg (s): 62
Air Flow (s/100 ml/in2): 4.3
Typical thickness: 260 µm
Basis weight: 53 g/m2
Units: 100 Circles

Offers fine particle retention and high flow rate, as well as good loading capacity. Used for high-efficiency general purpose laboratory filtration, including water pollution monitoring of effluents, for filtration of water, algae and bacteria cultures, foodstuff analyses, protein filtration and radioimmunoassay of weak ß emitters. Recommended for gravimetric determination of airborne particulates, stack sampling and absorption methods of air pollution monitoring.