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Hydrophilic Mixed Cellulose Esters

SKU: C10400-912~pk

SKU: C10400-912~pk


Hydrophilic Mixed Cellulose Esters - 100 Membranes

Biologically inert mixtures of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate result in membranes with a smoother and more uniform surface than pure nitrocellulose filters. MCE is easier to handle and less likely to crack and fracture than traditional CN membranes. Pure surface, no additional smoothing treatment or surfactants.
Non-sterile version is bright white with an accurate pore structure and highly regulated density for accuracy. Its rapid flow rate and high throughput make it ideal for use in diagnostic kit manufacturing applications

  • Diameter: 47mm
  • Pore size:: 0.80µm
  • Non-Sterile
  • Units: 100 Membranes