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Parafilm "M" Roll

SKU: PFM-2050~ea

SKU: PFM-2050~ea

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Parafilm "M" Roll
Adheres quickly and firmly to itself. Excellent for covering culture tubes and flasks and sealing Petri dishes. Excellent resistance to air and other gases, alcohol and common acids and moderately concentrated alkalis. Flexible waterproof backing to prevent sticking. It is semi-transparent and practically colorless and odorless.  Supplied in dispenser cartons, available in 4 sizes.
 Part Number # Parafilm # Dimensions (W x L) mm Dimensions (W x L) inches
PM2050 PM998 508mm x 15.24m 20" x 50'
PM2250 PM992 51mm x 76.2m  2" x 250'
PM4125 PM996 102mm x 38.1m 4" x 125'
PM4250 PM999 102mm x 76.2m 4" x 250'