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Graduated Polypropylene Cylinder

SKU: CYP-10~ea

SKU: CYP-10~ea

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Graduated Polypropylene Cylinder - Molded Graduations, Hexagonal Base

Polypropylene graduated cylinder, ideal for laboratory and food production use. An economical choice that is both chemical and shatter resistant, and can be autoclaved if necessary. Features easy to read molded graduations and a hexagonal base for stability. Meets ISO-6706.
 Capacity Dimensions (OD x H)
10ml 15 x 110mm 
25ml 19 x 170mm 
50ml 26 x 198 mm 
100ml 34 x 210mm 
250ml 46 x 321mm 
500ml 56 x 361mm 
1000ml / 1L 66 x 440mm 
1000ml / 1L with Handle 63.5 x 440mm
2000ml / 2L 90 x 473mm
2000ml / 2L with Handle 88.9 x 490mm
4000ml / 4L Detachable Base 120 x 580mm