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Porcelain Casserole Crucible

SKU: CWLP-20~ea

SKU: CWLP-20~ea

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Autoclavable Porcelain Casserole Crucible 

Autoclavable porcelain casseroles, ideal for laboratory use. Features flat handle and lip. Glazed on inner and outer surfaces except for rim and top of handle. Resistant to acids and alkalies, except for hydrofluoric acid and withstands temperatures up to 1150°C. 

Part # Capacity (ml) Height (mm) Top Outside Diameter
20 22 40
CWLP-60 60 33 70
175 45 90
200 52 100
CWLP-500 500 75 125
CWLP-750 750 88 150
CWLP-1200 1200 98 175


To prevent thermal stress cracks, we strongly recommend a heating/cooling rate not exceeding 200°C/hour. Every bath of porcelain is heat tested.