Zahm & Nagel #1000D CO² Volume Meter

SKU: 1000-D~ea
Zahm & Nagel #1000D CO²  Volume Meter

Zahm & Nagel #1000D CO² Volume Meter

SKU: 1000-D~ea
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 Zahm & Nagel #1000D - Zahm SS-60 CO² Volume Meter

*In Stock - 2 units available - February 5th 2024 *

The Zahm SS-60 Volume Meter was originally developed to determine average CO² gas levels in tank stored beverages. This improved design greatly improves the accuracy and time required to run a test. Essential for breweries, wineries and other makers of carbonated canned beverages. 

Featuring a precise piston release mechanism, the SS-60 eliminates bleeding off of the sample and the chance of human error. Samples undergo repeatable, precise volumetric expansion tests several times for more accurate measurements.

Lightweight design reduces operator fatigue. Stainless steel construction provides durability and resists corrosion. Thermometers are easy to replace.


  • The precision piston release mechanism reduces the chance of human error

  • Lightweight design for operator comfort

  • Durable

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Easy to maintain

  • Spare Parts Available Here

2 Units are currently available 
as of 02-05-2024 



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