What kind of Balance or Scale do you really need?

by Diane Neve

You need to weigh your products.  What should you be looking for in a balance or Scale?

If you called us up for information we would ask you some questions to help you select the right product.

1.  What type of ACCURACY would you need?  Accuracy is the ability of a scale to provide a result that is as close as possible to the actual value.  If you are weighing a very expensive product where every drop, grain, or part counts then you want your scale to be as accurate as possible. As with everything great accuracy costs more so make sure that you find the accuracy that you need. We can help you with that!

2.  What are you weighing?  The CAPACITY of a scale is the heaviest load that can be measured on the instrument. The weight of the product that you are weighing will determine whether you need a balance that can weigh up to 3 kg vs a balance that weighs up to 300 gm. If your samples are going to weigh 200 grams before the container that you are weighing them in then we would suggest a scale that has a capacity of at least 300 grams or more.  We can help you with that!

3.  What READABILITY are you looking for?  READABILITY is the smallest division at which the scale can be read and can vary from 1.0 grams up to 0.000001 g.  It designates the number of places after the decimal point that you can read the scale.  Again ,higher readability is more expensive so make sure that you choose a scale that fits your needs.  Why buy extra decimal places if you don't need them?  We can help you with that!

4.  There is another factor to consider, and that is PRECISION or REPEATABILITY in a balance. PRECISION is defined as the amount of agreement between repeated measurements of the same quantity.

5.  Also important is the ability of the balance to TARE. This is important if you have small items that need to go in a container that you will placing on the balance pan. Taring quite simply is the act of removing a known weight of an object (the container) to zero a scale. by tarinig the container you can weigh what is in it without adding in the weight of the container.

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