Dispensette Cleaning and Troubleshooting

by Trevor Neve

The Dispensette III & Dispensette S are easy to use, quick, and mechanically accurate. This makes them a great choice for liquid bottle top dispensing - particularly for pharmacists dispensing methadone.

However, proper maintenance and cleaning of these devices is essential to maintaining their functionality. When methadone mixes with air, it crystallizes - which inhibits the dispensing of the product. Below are instructional guides and videos for both the Dispensette III and Dispensette S.

Here is a step by step cleaning of the Dispensette III:

Here's a step by step video of the above process:


For the Dispensette S:

 For proper care and maintenance of the Dispensette S:


 Of course, if you have any questions - feel free to contact us. We are here to offer support on the wide variety of products we offer.


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