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0 to 250°C (50 to 500°F) Dual Range, Dial Thermometer

SKU: T2210-6~ea

SKU: T2210-6~ea

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Range: 0 to 250°C (50 to 500°F)
Divisions: 5°C
Dimensions(Dia. x L): 45 x 203mm (1.75 x 8")
Units: 1 Thermometer

These thermometers are constructed entirely of Type 304 stainless steel. Used extensively in the laboratory where a nonfragile, easy reading corrosion resistant instrument is needed. A manual pre-set indicating pointer and an adjustable clamp for mounting is supplied. Dial diameter: 1.75 inches. Stem diameter 0.15 inches. Stem length: 8 inches. Accuracy: 1% of span. Plastic lens.