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Ohaus ST300C-G Portable EC Meter with STCON3 Electrode, and Portable Bag

SKU: ST300C-G~ea

SKU: ST300C-G~ea

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The Ohaus ST300C-G portable conductivity meter field kit includes the meter, STCON3 4-pole electrode, carry bag, electrode clip, wrist strap and batteries. The Starter 300 portable conductivity meters provide provide precise conductivity measurement. Easily held in the hand, the meters also have an innovative built-in stand and feature an IP54 water resistant housing. The easy to read and follow LCD screen and five clearly marked keys make the meters incredibly easy to operate. All Starter portable meters can store up to 30 sets of data memory for recalling data or calibration information. The integrated labeling area enables user or application data to displayed on the meter.

Download(s) Available: ST300 Manual
Download(s) Available: Starter Portable Meters Literature