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Pasteurization Computer



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Craft Metrics in-bottle pasteurization computer measures pasteurization units (PU) in real time, automating the workflow for in-bottle pasteurization of apple cider or other craft beverages.

  1. Load your pasteurizer
  2. Press a button
  3. Walk away
  4. The buzzer will sound when it's time to remove the bottles

Easy and consistent pasteurization, every time.

How it works

The probe goes in a dummy bottle filled with water, and is sealed with a drilled rubber bung. The display shows the internal temperature, and begins accumulating PUs when it passes 60°C. As the temperature continues past 60°C, PUs accumulate more quickly according to the formula established by Del Vecchio et al.

Some cideries estimate PUs by using a thermometer and a timer. This introduces operator error, and doesn't correctly account for fluctuations in water temperature, product temperature, or less-than-full pasteurizer loads. The pasteurizer computer takes these variables into account, producing consistent results every time.

The PU set point is configurable, so you can choose how much pasteurization is right for your product.

The computer has a second port to accommodate an optional water temperature probe. This isn't required, but is a great way to monitor the water and know when your pasteurizer is ready for use.

Craft Metrics Integration

The Pasteurization Computer can be integrated with a Craft Metrics subscription for long-term data logging, SMS alerts, and remote monitoring even when you're away from your cidery. With Craft Metrics you can look back to review your cycle times and temperatures for specific batches, improving QC and optimizing throughput.


  • 1 Craft Metrics Pasteurization Computer
  • 2 x 2m Temperature Probes
  • 1 Drilled Rubber Bung for for bottles
  • 1 Instructions Sheet