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Milwaukee PH-MAIN Maintenance Kit

SKU: 9139-PH-MAIN~ea

SKU: 9139-PH-MAIN~ea

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Milwaukee PH-MAIN Maintenance Kit for pH / ORP Meters and Testers

PH-MAIN kit is set of storage and cleaning solutions designed to extend the life of a pH or ORP electrode. Keeping the sensor clean during calibration and measurement ensures accurate and repeatable readings.

The pH sensor needs to be hydrated for the ion exchange process to occur. Putting storage solution in the probe cap before storage will keep a pH or ORP sensor hydrated and ready for the next use.  If the probe sensor should become dry, storage solution can be used for reconditioning.

Included in the kit is pH storage solution (MA9015) and pH cleaning solution (MA9016).  The storage and cleaning solutions are lab grade and produced with premium chemicals.

The solutions are sealed against light with an airtight, tamper proof cap.  They are labeled with the lot number and expiration date for traceability. 


  • pH Calibration Accuracy: Standard ±0.01 pH
  • pH Values: @25°C 4.01 and 7.01
  • Package: Bottles
  • Size: 230 mL
  • Quantity: 2
  • Certificate of Analysis: No
  • 5-year expiry date


  • MA9015 Electrode cleaning solution (230 mL)
  • MA9016 Electrode storage solution (230 mL)