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Kikkoman LuciPac PD-30 ATP Testing Meter

SKU: LuciPac~ea

SKU: LuciPac~ea

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 Kikkoman PD-30 - Measures Hygiene Status in Seconds

Extremely compact instrument which weighs only 235 g and offers on-site detection of microorganisms or organic residues. With results in less than 10 seconds, PD-30 is user friendly - just swab and measure. Detects all organic- based contamination. Best suited for cleanliness control of manufacturing sites, and cleanliness control and hygiene training of kitchens.

Defective cleaning is rapidly identified on site, thus helping to prevent incidents by prompting corrective re-cleaning procedures. This reliable monitoring of fluids, dry and moist surfaces increases sensitivity from patented measurement system for ATP and AMP. Measurement in RLU–Relative Light Units, data transfer via USB port on PC, graphical data evaluation and documentation of results.

Display in 8 different languages, temperature compensation program for stable measurement at 10 to 40 °C, Definable threshold values to enable individual monitoring control points and the device can be returned for certified re-calibration for auditing purposes. The Excel-based software is made for comfortable international use and is simple to operate. 2000 storage spaces, 200 modes and auto-calibration and internal cleanliness check of the measurement chamber. CE marked and produced in accordance with ISO 9001.


  • Temperature Compensation 
  • Self Diagnosis
  • 8 Languages to choose from 
  • Data-Analysis Software
  • Reliable Monitoring of Liquids,Dry and Moist Surfaces
  • Patented Measurement of ATP and AMP=Higher Sensitivity
  • 2000 memory spaces 
  • 400 modes 
  • RLU Measurement (Relative Light Units)
  • Smallest and lightest device on the market
  • Ready for use in 8 Seconds
  • Auto Calibration 
  • Can be re-calibrated and certified for audits 
  • USB Connection
  • 2 year warranty 

Whats Included 
Lumitester™ PD-30 is supplied with transport bag, holder, 2× alkali batteries, cleaning brush, tape, short instructions, CD-ROM with PC evaluation software.


Sold Separate 
LuciPac Pen / Lucipac Pen AQUA : Sealed, fracture-proof pads, which are applicable for fluids, dry and damp surfaces. The pads can be removed individually from closeable packaging (5×20 pads) and are highly stable at room temperature (shelf life of up to a year at temperatures of 2° to 8 °C). Patented simultaneous measurement of AMP and ATP brings optimal sensitivity. Detergent-tolerant enzymes–no inhibition through cleaning agent residue.


  • Simple and safe to operate
  • Patented simultaneous AMP and ATP measurement for increased sensitivity
  • Detergent-tolerant luciferase for correct results
  • The patented circulation technology increases the stability of the luminescence and extends the signal
  • Fast and precise measurement method
Kikkoman's Rapid Hygiene Monitoring Systems use the ATP + AMP swab test method. The test area is wiped using the reagent kit LuciPac, which combine a reagent and self-contained swab device, after which light is emitted as a result of chemical reaction between luciferase-luciferin-PPDK reagent and ATP and/or AMP. The level of luminescence is measured using the LUMITESTER measuring instrument, and the degree of cleanliness is determined based on the amount of ATP plus AMP detected. The degree of contamination is immediately shown as a numerical output, enabling a process of "check and take action" that is not possible using traditional culture methods, and thus allow accidents to be prevented before they occur.