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8-16% Plato ASBC High Precision Top Reading Glass Hydrometer

SKU: R165032~ea

SKU: R165032~ea

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RASCHER & BETZOLD - A.S.B.C. Top Reading Pyrex® Brand Glass Hydrometer

Hydrometers are guaranteed to be accurate, with a maximum error not exceeding one smallest division of the hydrometer scale or one-half smallest division of the thermometer scale. Hydrometers are supplied combined form with thermometer in body.

Directions for using these hydrometers are given in Methods of analysis of the American Society of Brewing Chemists.

  • Liquid Test: BEER/WORT

  • Sample Required: 240ml

  • Scale Range: 8-16% Plato

  • Divisions % Plato: 0.1

  • Temperature Standard: 20°C

  • Thermometer Range: 0-30°C

  • Length: 330mm (13")

  • Outside Diameter: 25mm