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49 - 61° Brix Hydrometer with Thermometer - Glass

SKU: H9113-11~ea

SKU: H9113-11~ea

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Brix hydrometer with thermometer for added accuracy. Used to measure the percent of sugar (Degrees BRIX) in wine, beer, spirits and many other applications. Features built in thermometer to 50°C.

1° Brix = 1 Gram sugar in 100g of Solution

  • Calibrated 20°C

  • Thermometer: 0 to 50°C

  • Temperature standard: 20°C

  • Divisions: 0.1° Brix

  • Length: 320mm (13 inchs)

  • Outside Diameter: 22mm

  • Thermometer: spirit filled

  • Suitable for certification

  • Temperature correction factor on the thermometer scale

  • Each Scale Division = % of sucrose by weight.

  • Individually serialized and provided with a calibration report traceable to NIST standards