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Barney Miller Broth with Indicator for Beer Spoilage

SKU: C8990~ea

SKU: C8990~ea

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CRITERION™ Barney Miller Broth with Indicator - For Beer Spoilage  - Dehydrated Culture Media

Barney Miller Broth with indicator Hardy is used for the isolation and detection of beer spoilage microorganisms - specifically lactic acid bacteria.  Allows for early detection of microbe growth. Indicator shows a yellow colour, caused by a change in pH. Dissolves quickly, tested for optimal growth. Stackable wide mouth containers reduce dust, allowing easy entry of a scoop.
Available in several sizes:
  • 2L Mylar Bag - Premeasured for 2L batch
  • 500g Bottle - approx. 10 batches
  • 2kg Bucket -  approx. 45 batches
Complete technical / instruction sheets available here