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Barney Miller Broth with Indicator - CRITERION™ Dehydrated Culture Media | Cambridge Environmental

SKU: C8992~ea

SKU: C8992~ea

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Hardy Diagnostics CRITERION™ Barney Miller Broth with Indicator is recommended for the isolation and detection of beer spoilage microorganisms, specifically lactic acid bacteria.

Indicator allows for early detection of growth by yellow color change due to pH shift.


  • Wide mouth opening - reduces dust formation by allowing the easy entry of a scoop

  • Convenient handgrip - 'no slip' finger holds

  • Stackable containers - for efficient storage

  • Increased solubility - dissolves quickly

  • Custom and bulk products available - to your specifications

  • Competitive pricing - call for a price quote for large volume purchases!

  • Complete technical/instruction sheets - available in HUGO software

  • Unparalleled performance - tested for optimal growth

  • Container sizes include: - 2kg - with convenient screw lid