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MacConkey Agar without Crystal Violet, CRITERION™ Dehydrated Culture Media, Mylar® zip-pouch to make 2L

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Hardy Diagnostics CRITERION™ MacConkey Agar without Crystal Violet is recommended for the detection of coliforms and enteric pathogens in water, waste water, and foods, as well as for differentiating Mycobacteria fortuitum-chelonei complex from other rapidly growing mycobacteria.
CRITERION™ Dehydrated Culture Media by Hardy Diagnostics is formulated to meet or exceed the highest standards. Compare these features…

Wide mouth opening - reduces dust formation by allowing the easy entry of a scoop
Convenient handgrip - 'no slip' finger holds
Stackable containers - for efficient storage
Increased solubility - dissolves quickly
Custom and bulk products available - to your specifications
Competitive pricing - call for a price quote for large volume purchases!
Complete technical/instruction sheets - available in HUGO software
Unparalleled performance - tested for optimal growth
Container sizes include: - 2L mylar® bag – pre-measured for a 2 liter batch, no weighing needed!