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BrandTech accu-jet® pro Pipette Controller

SKU: 26330~ea

SKU: 26330~ea

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BrandTech accu-jet® pro Pipette Controller for 0.1mL - 200mL Pipettes

accu-jet® pro elevates pipette control to the next level. Ergonomic grip works well with both small and large hands and features a smoothly curved shape to eliminate pressure points for operator comfort; weighs only 6.7 oz. Pressure-sensitive buttons provide improved pipetting speed control, plus a motor-speed-limiter control thumbwheel adds extra assurance and intuitive control for the complete spectrum of pipettes from 0.1 mL to 200 mL.

The speed range dial lets you set maximum pipetting speed, while still retaining touch-sensitive, continuously adjustable speed control. Plus, it has an unparalleled soft blow-out control to minimize disturbance of cell pellets or density gradient interfaces. LED charge indicator flashes when approximately 2 hours of pipetting time is left; instrument can be operated while charging.

Long-life, environmentally-friendly NiMH battery supplies approximately 8 hours of continuous pipetting (with a 10mL pipette); special pulsed-mode charger eliminates "lazy battery effect".

Additional Literature:
accu-jet Operating Manual
accu-jet Data Sheet

Please contact us for the following accessories:
accu-jet® pro accessory
Cat. No.
  Wall support, gray
  Silicone adapter with PTFE check valve
  Spare NiMH battery
  AC adapter, 100-240V, 50-60Hz, US plug
  Snap tapes, 12x65mm
  Membrane filter, 0.2µm, sterile*, each
  Membrane filter, 0.2µm, non-sterile, pack of 10
  Membrane filter, 3µm, non-sterile, each
  Membrane filter, 3µm, non-sterile, pack of 10
  Adapter support, Dark Blue
  Adapter support, Magenta
  Adapter support, Green
  Adapter support, Royal Blue

*sterilized with ethylene oxide (EO)

accu-jet® pro pipette controller is supplied with:
wall support (gray), NiMH battery, two battery covers (one smooth, one ridged), two spare 0.2µm membrane filters (sterile*), charger (US plug models listed, others available), operating manual, and one year warranty.