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Ohaus MC2000 Portable Moisture Meter

SKU: MC2000~ea

SKU: MC2000~ea

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Determination of moisture content of agricultural production on a new technological level. MC2000 Handheld Portable Moisture Analyzer is designed to accurately determine the moisture content of the crops in the field, during transportation, for the control of its quality during storage. MC2000 analyzer with simple settings and easy to use interface increases efficiency and speed control of the moisture content in the grain, allowing you to quickly obtain reliable results. Compact and robust design MC2000 is designed for continuous operation.

Key features
Simple and intuitive interface
The analyzer measures moisture MC2000 whole grains. Preparing and grinding of samples are required. Simply select the type of grain via the interface, place the sample (whole grain) in a special vessel - capacity and get the results automatically.

A tool for the regular moisture analysis: fast and reliable results
MC2000 provides measurements for 5 seconds, which is very convenient for the regular analysis of grain moisture. The system allows for automatic temperature compensation for any effects of ambient temperature, ensuring measurement accuracy.

Versatility due to different measurement modes
To measure the moisture content of various types of grain in MC2000 analyzer 50 provides modes (core 10 are programmed in advance).

Package Included
The moisture analyzer;
4pcs batteries type AAA;
The calibration weight 200g;

Model MC2000
Capacity 200g
drying Type The measuring principle is moisture - dielcometric
Temperature range, ° C 0 to 50
automatic shutoff Yes
measurement range 3% - 45%
Resolution 0.1%
UNSPSC Code 41111513